Help us

The Q-BEx team is open to collaboration with other research groups and with SLTs and teachers. Please get in touch with us if you have an idea or project you’d like us to work with you on. For general enquiries and enquiries from the UK, please contact Cécile De Cat ( In the Netherlands, you can contact Sharon Unsworth (, and in France, please contact Philippe Prévost (email).

We’re keen to see the Q-BEx questionnaire made available in as many different languages as possible. If there’s a language missing from the list, and you would like to help create a translation, please get in touch with Drasko Kascelan ( You can find more information about the translation procedure here.

Q-BEx is free to use but it does cost money to run. Now that our original funding period has come to an end, we need to find the money to cover the costs for the platform, its upkeep and any updates, from elsewhere. If you are (planning on) using Q-BEx and think you might be able to help cover these costs, please contact Cécile De Cat (email) for more information on how to donate.