Using the questionnaire

How to access the questionnaire and customise it to your professional needs, including guidance on how to interpret the output.

As of October 2021, we will be working on the creation of a streamlined version of the questionnaire to be used by schools, as well as on the creation of automated reports documenting children’s bilingual experience profile.¬† Please check this page (and the news items) for updates.


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how to register, how to create a project, how to access and interpret the output files

Back-end calculator example

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a spreadsheet featuring the formulae used to calculate Current Exposure and Use, Cumulative Exposure and Use, and Richness

Output interpretation guide

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a spreadsheet listing the items included in the output files and containing:
- Raw Data: clarifies what each of row corresponds to by associating its heading with the original question and response scale
- Exposure & Use Calculations: lists all the calculated measures and their unit of interpretation, and indicates the reliability of each calculated measure, depending on which modules of the questionnaires were included