Design considerations

The design of the Q-BEx questionnaire is fully documented in

De Cat, C., Kašćelan, D., Prévost, P., Serratrice, L., Tuller, L., & Unsworth, S. (2022). Quantifying Bilingual EXperience (Q-BEx): questionnaire manual and documentation. DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/V7EC8

The design documentation file can be downloaded directly from our OSF repository. In that document, we explain the principles we adopted for the creation of the questionnaire, and log the processes followed in the design and implementation.  We also document the pre-launch evaluation phase.  Once the validation phase is complete, we will also report on the validation phase and the limitations of the Q-BEx questionnaire.

The scientific publications arising from the Q-BEx project can be accessed via the Project Pages.