Q-BEx Project Update May 2022

Phase 3: the validation study

The project is currently in the validation phase. The Q-BEx team is collecting data from children in 3 different countries (UK, France and Netherlands) which will inform the calculations for the automatic report generator. The data includes questionnaire data and language proficiency data, gathered through the completion of online language tasks by children aged 5-8.

What data have we collected so far?

  • UK – the UK Q-BEx team is currently working with 5 schools across Bradford, Leeds and York. So far, the team has collected data from 12 children, who have completed both the questionnaire and the language tasks.
  • France – the France Q-BEx team has collected data from 19 families of children attending speech and language therapy services, who have completed the questionnaire and the language tasks. They have also collected language data from 57 children in schools, and half of these families have already completed the questionnaire. The team is now using the questionnaire with 15 families of younger bilingual and monolingual children aged 2 to 5.
  • Netherlands – the Netherlands Q-BEx team has collected data from 11 children who have completed the questionnaire and tasks.

This is an ongoing process and all 3 Q-BEx teams are continuing with data collection for the validation study.

What else is happening?

The UK team has been visiting secondary schools to gather feedback on usability of the questionnaire for secondary school pupils. So far, we have visited 4 schools and trialled the questionnaire with 32 pupils, gathering useful feedback which will contribute to the school-optimised version.

Speech and language therapists in London are also involved in using the questionnaire with their clients and in providing feedback to the Q-BEx team.

How many people have registered so far?

Up until the beginning of May 2022, 198 people have registered to use the Q-BEx questionnaire. This includes teachers, speech and language therapists and researchers, across 21 countries.

How can I get involved?

  • Any teachers/ speech and language therapists who have already registered and used the questionnaire can give their feedback by completing this short questionnaire https://bit.ly/3uZvJGa
  • Any teachers/ speech and language therapists who would like to collaborate in creating the final streamlined version of the questionnaire can get in touch with us at qbex@leeds.ac.uk or tweet us @QBEx_Project. We would love to hear from you!
  • Our website has lots of resources and information – visit us at q-bex.org